WingHang focus on a long-term partnership rather than one-time business; Immediate reaction to customer’s need. As long as you have pur­chased the display from us, even beyond the warranty period, we will provide the first-time help for you to solve any problems that might happen to the display.
WingHang would offer two-year warranty generally, please refer to the official Warranty document for more detail.
The customer may dispatch inspectors (≤2 persons) to our fabrication factory for FAT (factory acceptance test) of the goods before shipment. WingHang also provide professional courses to help customer better understanding our Products according to WingHang Training Outline(≥3 days). WingHang will afford local meals and transportation in Shenzhen for the visiting inspectors.
1. Factory visit and products introduction.
2. Training on display operation.
3. Training on maintenance
4. Practice exercises of the above training.
Customized training courses can be provided upon request.
WingHang welcomes customer to come to our factory for FAT (Factory Acceptance Test), but it's optional for customer and they can waive on-site inspection based on review or approval of the display photos.

1. Package ways: carton box (wrapped in static-free bubble bags and static-free foam)
2. Customer can do the shipping by themselves and we will cooperate with the forwarder to pick up the goods. We also would like to do the shipping for our clients if request.
3. The estimate shipping costs are as following (it's only for your reference, the shipping cost rate always varies, please refer to the final shipping quote)