High-level standards are not restricted to single products or services at WINGHANG. To sustain your business success and to keep quality standards high, WINGHANG concentrates on continuous improvement – of people, products and processes. As a reliable partner and certified supplier of the world’s leading home appliance and consumer electronics companies, WINGHANG drives excellence and creativity across all industries by reinforcing durability and flexibility.
WINGHANG commits to maintain our management system in conformance with the requirements of ISO9001 and ISO14001. Most of WINGHANG manufacturing operations are certified to the ISO9001 standard. We have also aligned our company-level quality processes with the ISO9001 standard.
WINGHANG offers a broad portfolio of RoHS-compliant products. The use of new non-lead-based processes and materials make them fully compliant with the requirements of the RoHS directive. Rigorous testing procedures ensure the performance integrity of WINGHANG’s portfolio of products; regardless of the materials and processes employed.
Quality is where value and respect begins. We aim to provide the most optimal and best quality solutions to our customers